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Prepping our bodies for winter with Mike Adams of Natural News

Resist.News Winter Prepping Series 2.

We often times get so caught up in our home preparations for the winter season, by focusing on things like having enough firewood and storable food on hand, that we often completely forget about some of the most important preparations that we can possibly make. Winter is one of the most strenuous times for our bodies. From the introduction of new viruses due to the kiddos attending school to traveling to see the in-laws for the holiday, we all need to look at how we can best prep our bodies for the coming winter season.

I figured my friend and fellow patriot, Mike Adams, Nutritionist, alternative health expert, Science Lab Director for Clean Food Testing, and Founder/Editor of Natural News would be one of the best experts that I could talk with about this topic.

We start off by discussing the need to stock up on body fat. This is especially true during the winter months especially if you live in the northern states. It is perfectly natural to have your own body fat cycle with the seasons. However, we should not be fattening up on corn (carbohydrates) as it often eventually leads to type 2 diabetes. The “healthy,” natural fats we should be ingesting to cycle with the seasons are the plant based fats including avocado, chia seed, and flax seeds, in addition to saturated animal fats. These animal fats should be as clean as possible like those from grass fed cows, antibiotic-free animals, and even fats derived from wild game (venison and elk.) Mike also goes into how to make bone broth soup and how it can be used to restore energy and vitality. He warns against eating too much meat by, as with all things, using moderation.

We then move onto how to use lard in a winter emergency survival scenario to fill the need you and your family will have for heavy duty calories, again, derived from animal fat. In this case, lard can be used with dehydrated potatoes to create a complete meal that will keep you alive in the winter. We then discuss a common diet that you often find in the area of Montana that I live in where most of the population eats mostly game meat from the abundance of deer and elk found in the area. Mike and I discuss the myth that you should try not to use the natural fats found with the animals and supplement the lean meats with a beef fat. Mike makes it very clear that it is vitally important to save and consume the fat that comes naturally with that animal.

With the start of the school year we always see a jump in colds and flu viruses and the need to bolster our immune systems with a very simple answer, Vitamin D. Mike discusses the process that our body goes through to use our Vitamin D reserves in the immune process. Our own body will create our own immunities when it has the correct precursor building blocks. Vitamin D also is an excellent tumor fighter by just having the stores in your liver. The flu vaccine is not the right answer as it is readily admitted that the influenza strain each year cannot not be predicted and it is best to just build your own immune system. Zinc not only boosts immune function but also aids in skin function and repair. Going into a winter or even a cold weather survival situation it is essential that you have Vitamin D, Zinc, and even Magnesium, ready in your body reserves. In a grid down situation, you will not be able to get a hold of these supplements. You must be prepared nutritionally and the best place to have those nutritional stores is already within our own bodies. Your liver will store vitamin D for months unlike Vitamin C that you need to take daily.

Mike’s view of ascorbic acid has changed drastically after having done some intensive research into the subject recently. What you really need to look out for is ascorbic acid that has been produced in China as it is derived from GMO corn and processed in laboratories. Mike goes on to tell us about a new form of sodium ascorbic and is more neutral and last acidic. Mike goes on to tell us how a capsule form of ascorbic acid taken during a meal can cut down on indigestion due to weak stomach acid. In most cases, he has found that people think that they are too acidic in their digestive system and wind up taking alkaline supplements when they are actually not acidic enough. By taking the capsule form of ascorbic acid, they are able to enhance their digestion and decrease uric acid crystals. This is especially useful when you consume any charred meats that have been burned during the cooking process, or even beef jerky, pepperoni, and other processed meats that contain sodium nitrites, and can be a major cause of cancer. The ascorbic acid counteracts this reaction in both charred and processed meats.

Continuing on with the emergency, grid down, survival situation, we move on to discuss antibiotics and the procurement and storage there of. It is VERY important that you be very well versed in their different types, uses, and what they are used for, as you can kill someone if you do not know what you are doing. We talk about how there is a world of plant based antibiotics, colloidal, and ionic metals; including silver, copper, and gold, that have antibiotic uses among their varied properties. We discuss how to make yourself ionic silver infused, sterile bandages that can be used for your own medical preps and barter. These are also vitally important knowledge bases that you must put in the time and effort now to build your library and store this information in a way that you can still access when the internet is just not available.

We go further into these subjects in the rest of this 47-minute interview. It is important to that we build up our bodies not just for a major collapse scenario but just for the coming winter season.

At the tail-end of this interview we move on to discuss current events including the ISIS Paris Attacks and some of the incredible new projects that Mike is working on over at Natural News.

Please share this article with your like minded friends and family and help them prepare for this upcoming winter.


Jason Van Tatenhove

[email protected]

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